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Your business needs creative employee benefits solutions

The Rubicon Benefits team turns your employee benefits concerns into innovative solutions. Our goal is to help employers create long-term roadmaps, strategies, and plans, and to help your employees navigate the often-confusing world of insurance. With Rubicon, you will always have a trusted partner and advisor at your side.

Employee Benefits

Benefits is the second largest expense for most businesses, and it’s one of the most asked-about items by potential new hires, sometimes ahead of salary questions. When clients want benefits to help them attract and retain top talent, they need a strategy. Rubicon works with groups on all aspects of benefits, be it fully insured, self-funded, ancillary, or voluntary benefits. If structured correctly, benefits can be a powerful and critical tool to help businesses achieve short and long-term goals.

Employee Advocate Card

In a world of self-service, sometimes people need a hand—a real hand, not a virtual assistant. They need someone in their corner, an advocate. Insurance can be complicated, and not understanding your benefits and rights can be costly. Rubicon’s Employee Advocate program is just that, an advocate, a real person ready to help.


Compliance is complex, and the ever-increasing responsibilities that fall upon an employer’s shoulders can be overwhelming. Rubicon will help ensure you are up to date with all the notices, rules, and ongoing compliance procedures.

Strategic HR

Human Resources (HR) has a tough and often thankless job, often the bridge between the fiscal and human aspects of the business. HR knows the real cost of unhappy employees even before the dollars are counted. Rubicon helps HR develop strategic, long-term, sustainable plans to keep employees happy and the CFO happy.