Grow your business with great employees.

Attract them with great benefits.

Do you have the right employee benefits?

We believe employees deserve great benefits and employers deserve excellent employees. But there isn’t a single way to make that happen for everyone. We see many misguided approaches to benefits, and we make it our business to help clients make a change and get on the right path.

There are critical issues impacting the future of your company.How are you taking control of them?

  • Should we continue offering health insurance or not?
  • How can we control the costs of our group health plan?
  • How do we attract and retain talent while combating turnover?
  • How can we achieve and maintain compliance?  What will it cost us if we don’t?
  • How much does ineffective communication hurt our efforts to create a health plan our employees value?

Employee benefits consulting

While the questions employers have may be common, the answers very often are not. When you work with us, we start by learning your business.

Through a combination of exploration and education, we identify which areas of your business are working well and should be maintained. We’ll then identify the areas not delivering a strong return or creating risks, either financial or operational.

Together we create a strategy for the right program. We call that organizational confidence.

Who we work with

Our clients are strong leaders who value time, creativity, and service as driving factors of their own business and expect the same from their business advisors. We truly look after your business and your people as if they were our own family members. The result? Satisfied employees. And the return on that investment is immeasurable.

Our services

Employee Benefits

For most organizations, employee benefits is the second largest expense item next to wages. What’s your strategy for maximizing the return on that investment? Talk with us to learn about options for creating a long-term benefits plan.

Your employees have questions about their benefits, and we’re here to help. And when they need an advocate in dealing with the insurance company and navigating bills, we’re just a call away. We’re on their side.

Compliance has so many moving parts and deadlines to track and meet, and we get how overwhelming and confusing it can be. Let us help you keep it straightforward and manageable by keeping you organized with regulations.

The HR role is complex, nuanced, and busy. A lack of administrative organization or employee satisfaction costs a company money and hurts the overall company culture. We lend a helping hand to keep HR in sync and in the know.

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The Impact of Self-Aware Teams

Cultivating a self-aware team is crucial if you want to increase performance.

Awareness is more than a personality trait—it’s a competency directly linked to high-performance teams. Teams with high self-awareness make better decisions, interact with each other better, and manage tensions and conflicts more effectively. Just imagine what your team and organization could accomplish with self-awareness!

Four Old Attitudes Employers Need to Leave Behind

Before you were an employer, you were an employee. You may remember your first job as a teenager: a cashier at a fast-food restaurant, a retail worker at a clothing store, or a babysitter for the neighbor kids. Hopefully, your first job experience was a positive one. But maybe you remember some unprofessional employer behavior and attitudes.

Train Your Managers to Coach Like a Pro

Powerful businesses stem from successful teams, and strong teams stem from effective leadership.

But all too often, people are placed in managerial roles because of their technical skills, without considering their ability to lead effectively. This can set managers up for failure, as they may not have learned and developed the necessary skills and tools.

A recent survey in the UK found that over a quarter of respondents who managed other people had never received formal management training. As research done by Gallup showed, the quality of the manager or team leader was responsible for at least 70% of a noted change in employee satisfaction with recognition and workplace relationships. This demonstrates the significant impact a manager’s skills and abilities have on the team’s engagement and motivation.

How we help our clients

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